The entire gamut of physical & electrical measurement from OEM sales to engineered solutions


Minnesota Measurement Engineering designs, builds, and supports custom systems. By working with a variety of hardware vendors we can assemble custom packages, software/hardware configurations, and complete systems. Our extensive system engineering and technology experience enables us to provide innovative solutions:

  • Mixed Signals
  • Data Logging
  • Process Control
  • User Visual Feedback
  • Fabrication
  • Motion/Force Control
  • Hydraulics/Pneumatics
  • Installation Training, and Support



EXAMPLE: SmartBridge Dynamic System for I-35W Bridge.

EXAMPLE: Force Feedback System for metal casting foundry.

EXAMPLE: Coal Seam Force Measurement Solution.

EXAMPLE: Portable Force Verification System .

EXAMPLE: Winch Test System for Fall Protection Testing.

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Local Application Engineers
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