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Kistler Instrument Corporation

Precision instrumentation for the measurement of pressure,
force, acceleration and torque serving the R&D, industrial
and automotive communities. ISO certified since 1994.



Interface, Inc.

Precision Load Cells, Rotary and Reaction Torque, Instrumentation,
Load Cell Calibration Systems, Test, Industrial, and OEM applications.



DATAQ Instruments

Hardware and software products for personal computer-based data
acquisition and data logging. Stand-alone, USB, Ethernet, and Web-based.
Playback software to review, analyze and export recorded data.



MTI Instruments

Laser Displacement, Fiber Optic, and Capacitive Sensors.
Laboratory, Manufacturing & OEM-grade Products.



Dylix Corporation

Pressure Transducers - engineering-grade OEM and industrial.
Differential, sanitary, explosion-proof, and custom solutions.
Pressures up to 100,000psi. Designed and built in the USA.



Data Physics

Leading manufacturer of high performance test and;
measurement solutions including dynamic signal analyzers,
vibration controllers, shakers, and accessories.



Trans-Tek Incorporated

Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT's),
Linear Velocity Transducers, Angular Displacement Sensors.
OEM & Engineering Grade · Custom & Stock Units · Made in USA



AW Lake Company

Positive Displacement, Turbine & Coriolis Flow Meters.
Signal Conditioners · Displays · Flow Controllers & Totalizers.



Kaman Sensors

Precision Non-Contact Position/Displacement Sensors based on
eddy current technology. Wide range of models for demanding
test and OEM applications. Designed and built in the USA.




High performance ruggedized pressure switches, metal bellows,
and metal bellows assemblies. Designs and manufactures products
for demanding industrial, military and aerospace applications.



Test Resources

Producers of servocontrolled test systems and controls for universal,
tensile, compression, peal, shear, and fatigue testing applications.
Sub-Gram to 22,000 lb ranges. QA and R&D applications.
Worldwide headquarters located in the Twin Cities in Minnesota.




Manufacturer of precision Test and Measurement data acquisition
systems. Offers a wide variety of analog, isolated signal conditioning
amplifiers suitable for all sensors. ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited.



Electro-Hydraulic Automation

Leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic, pneumatic, and electronic
systems. Specializing in turnkey test stands, electronic controls, and
system integration. UL508 and ISO accredidation.



Flo-Tech / Hedland

Turbine Flow Meters · Portable Hydraulic Testers · Digital Readouts
Variable Area High & Low Pressure Flow Meters



Northstar Calibration

ISO/IEC 17025 accredited commercial calibration laboratory.
Capabilities in force, pressure, torque, mass, electronic,
and dimensional calibrations. Specialize in fast turn times.
Provider of on-site service, gage repairs, and lapping services.



Measurement Fixturing

Test Engineering Grade Thread Adapters, Fixturing, Prototyping, and Design